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Here’s why the 5G switch removed from some HarmonyOS phone?



HarmonyOS no 5g

Recently, a user from Weibo said the newly released Huawei P50 Pro doesn’t come with 5G. Therefore, the latest HarmonyOS versions on the device won’t have the 5G network switch in the shortcut menu.

The remains ambiguous over the availability of this feature on Huawei devices and posted the same message on Weibo. The shortcut posted on the Chinese microblogging site shows the HarmonyOS control panel without featuring a 5G shortcut switch.

However, Bruce Lee, president of Huawei’s consumer business product line stepped into this matter and revealed that the Control Panel shortcut switch designed according to China’s three major network operators doesn’t 5G switch.

According to the Huawei official, it’s found that many users have bought 5G phones but turned off the 5G switch in use. However, users will always have the option to switch on or off the 5G network access any time from Settings > Mobile Network > Mobile data and enable 5G.

5G shortcut is missing Harmonyos

Removed in the recent update:

Huawei recently shuffled some of the interesting features from HarmonyOS 2 and rolled out a major software update for the Huawei HM OS-powered devices in China. The official Huawei account said the HarmonyOS update removes the 5G switch from the control panel.

If you turn off 5G data, you can press and hold the mobile data icons to directly jump on the mobile data settings and enable the 5G from there or the above settings instructions.

Removed According to Network Operators:

Phones sold by a specific mobile network can be customized in terms of features and strip them further with the help of the smartphone vendor. However, these changes may not reflect the unlocked models.

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