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Here’s how to format text in WhatsApp chat




Make your text looks cooler with the messages format tricks in WhatsApp, which aren’t available with specific options nor you can disable them from the message chat section. In this article, we’ll discuss how to do the Italic, Bold, Strikethrough, or Monospace formatting in WhatsApp chat.

With these formatting options, you can easily highlight your long text and make it eye-catching. So the important information won’t miss by the receiver.

Below you can check the tricks and shortcuts to format messages in WhatsApp chat 

Italic: This is a text tilting feature, to italic the test you have to place an underscore at the starting and at the end of your text.

Example: _Write your message here_

Bold: This feature will give some weight to your text and made them darker and broader. Start your text pacing an asterisk, also put it at the end of the test.

Example: *Write your message here*


Strikethrough: Gernaly using to show the discounted rate, the strikethrough effect comes in the text by placing a tilde on both sides of the text in chat.

Example: ~ Write your message here ~

Monospace: To bring more space for a clear look in the text, the monospace font is used. Putting the three backticks on both ends will monospace the text in the chat.

Example: “`Write your message here“`


If you feel hectic in using these symbols frequently during your conversation, then you can also try the shortcut methods for Android and iPhone.

  • Android: Select the text your want to format. Then the quick formate bar will open, then you can select Bold, Italic, or More. Choosing the more will allows you to strikethrough or monospace your text.
  • iPhones: Tap on the text filed, if you want to formate the whole text. If not then you can individually select the text. Now clock on the BIU option right next to copy. Now you can select from Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, and monospace.

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