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HarmonyTV: HarmonyOS powered set top box launching soon




A well-known Weibo tipster has brought us some fresh insights regarding the upcoming HarmonyOS powered smart box. This new set-top box is likely to call – HarmonyTV and it’ll pack the HarmonyOS operating system.

The tipster reveals that the HarmonyTV will launch soon and features HarmonyOS distributed technology, one-tap share, touch display, and one-touch remote control as well as other interactive features. The tipster suggests that this product will release very soon.

Furthermore, there is also a screenshot of the product that has made an appearance in the making that reveals the boot logo of the device. Showing “HarmonyTV” brand and a log of Huawei Smart smart screen alongside Huawei. However, the home screen of the setup box is very similar to the other Huawei smart screen.

Currently, Huawei has not confirmed the launch of any such product but we’ll keep you posted on this matter. More official information on this matter is awaited.

HarmonyTV HarmonyTV

HarmonyTV – Smart Box:

This device will help the users to turn their regular TVs into a smart screen (smart TV), which is quite an amazing functionality for the consumers.

China’s smart audio-visual brand manufacturer Himedia Technology has integrated into the HarmonyOS Connect ecosystem and is planning to upgrade OTT set-top boxes. This smart box comes in two versions – the travel version and the home version.

After accessing the HarmonyOS Connect ecosystem, the Himedi Smart Box can be used to touch and pull up the super service card with a HarmonyOS mobile phone. You can control the Himedi Smart Box or get the latest movie recommendations through the FA card, eliminating the need to install the software.

At the same time, users can also obtain scene-based recommendations through FA cards, understand and purchase the 3D glasses and microphones they need in the process of watching movies and enjoy the smart life brought by cross-screen collaboration.

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