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HarmonyOS to launch for PC, Windows might be in trouble



HarmonyOS PC loaded

Wang Chenglu, CEO of China’s Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development recently said HarmonyOS will come for PC, which is a big revelation and could change the perspective of the PC industry. For those who don’t know, Wang Chenglu was the former Huawei Consumer BG Software Engineering Dept President and AI and All-scenario Intelligence Business Unit Director.

He has been the key researcher behind Huawei’s software development since the very beginning. He is known for the creation of HarmonyOS and EMUI.

Last year, Mr. Chenglu left Huawei and he said to pursue more in-depth development of HarmonyOS technologies. He joined Kaihong Digital, which focuses on IoT operating systems and conducts wide research on HarmonyOS.

For the time being, Wang Chenglu hasn’t announced any launch date for HarmonyOS for PC. Also, it’s not confirmed, whether the new PC HarmonyOS version will come from Huawei or any of the open-source community members. However, next year could be a good opportunity for this release to happen.


Launched in 2019, HarmonyOS was unveiled as an operating system for various devices. The software is based on the multi-device multi-framework architecture. This makes it unique and easy to use across various platforms.

Initially, Huawei only launched HarmonyOS for smart TVs. In 2020, it expanded the supported platforms to smartphones, tablets, smart wearables, and smart cars. This led to a wide adaptation of this new software.

Since 2021, Huawei started massive research on adding new features and improving the efficiency of the software in all of the adapted devices. In the same year, Huawei also prompted the open-source version of HarmonyOS, named – OpenHarmony.

Despite all of these actions, Huawei didn’t install HarmonyOS in its MateBook notebooks. Because the company still has access to Microsoft’s Windows operating system from the US. The company can sell its notebooks within and outside of China with the latest Windows OS.

Therefore, the company found no requirement to load its own HarmonyOS on PC devices. Yet, the company kept on developing a backup for the home ground.

Even if the company doesn’t launch a HarmonyOS PC for the global market, it could unleash this strategy on the home ground. Subsequently, keeping Windows for global notebooks and using HharmonyOS in China would be similar to its smartphone ecosystem.

We’ll wait for more exciting news on the release of the HarmonyOS operating system on the PC platform and keep you posted.

(via – ithome)

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