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HarmonyOS programming language is coming: Huawei



harmonyos programming language

At Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (Together), the HarmonyOS 3 developer preview was officially released. At the same event, Huawei said that it launch an all-new HarmonyOS programming language.

Deng Taihua, vice president of Huawei and president of the computing product line, said in an interview in September this year that Huawei will launch an HarmonyOS programming language Cangjie next year to connect HarmonyOS and Euler in the application development ecosystem.

harmonyos programming language

Huawei previously stated that Euler and Hongmeng have connected the sharing of core technology. In the future, it plans to build a distributed soft bus capability in Euler, so that devices equipped with the Euler operating system can automatically identify and connect to HarmonyOS devices.

Additionally, Huawei’s Managing Director, CEO of Consumer Business, and CEO of Smart Car Solutions BU, Yu Chengdong, announced that the number of HarmonyOS devices exceeds 150 million, making it the fastest-growing terminal operating system in history.

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