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HarmonyOS operating system is important for the software industry: Huawei CEO



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HarmonyOS operating system is heading towards new developments and Huawei CEO of the consumer business group, Yu Chengdng told that this software is really important for the industry.

During the first OpenHarmony Technology Summit, Yu told that the HarmonyOS operating system is the jewel in the core of the software industry, so it’s really important. However, he emphasized that the technological achievements of new innovations are really challenging.

Innovation requires continuous research and development. However, Huawei is putting efforts to bring technologies that could gain momentum along with more useful features for HarmonyOS users.

The Huawei Consumer Business head mentioned, despite challenges, Huawei has invested huge manpower and resources in all aspects of work, just to insist on innovation.

Today, Huawei held the first OpenHarmony Technology Summit announced by Open Atom Foundation in Shenzhen, China. This event is themed “Building an Intelligent Connection of Everything”. Also, the occasion is marked by various Chinese industry partners that utilize HarmonyOS open-source code technology and inbuilt them into their products.

Also, Open Atom Foundation will share the progress of this operating system and future strategies in the industry. That statement from Yu Chengdong is true and HarmonyOS could make a big difference for the Chinese software industry as well as for the global market. Different businesses are adopting this HarmonyOS from the OpenHarmony open-source code.

From the consumer side, HarmonyOS already run on smartphones, tablets, wearables, smartwatches, smart cars, IoT devices, and smart home devices. So, there are already a lot of devices that could access this OS.

As of November 2022, Huawei reported 320+ million installations of HarmonyOS in smartphones and other platforms with 113% of yearly growth. On the flip side, HarmonyOS Connect gained 250 million third-party devices, which is a massive number.

Moreover, Open Atom foundation and Huawei along with other companies are trying to build a good and robust app ecosystem and development phase for both: Customers and Consumers.

HarmonyOS Image

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