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HarmonyOS NEXT may reshape Huawei foldable phone experience: Tipster



HarmonyOS NEXT foldable experience

HarmonyOS NEXT will not only redefine app functioning but also provide a new direction to the foldable phone experience. That says a Weibo tipster after diving into developer preview builds and inspecting several segments of the new software.

As per @FixedFocus, HarmonyOS NEXT will likely reshape the Huawei foldable phone experience. The adaptation to a new software could be easier, smarter, as well as more convenient, compared to previous HarmonyOS software versions.

The most common problem with foldable phones has been the app layout. Several apps don’t fully fit on the folding handset display, due to their different screen sizes. It not only makes the app functioning tough but also ruins the user experience.

But HarmonyOS NEXT could be a great solution to this defect. As per the official introduction, the new software allows developers to design one application layout and make it compatible with multiple devices such as phones, tablets, and more.

Doing so reduces workload, build-up costs for developers, as well as increases the overall app’s efficiency to run on several devices despite their screen sizes.

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HarmonyOS NEXT foldable experience

HarmonyOS NEXT may reshape the foldable phone experience (Image Credits: Weibo)

Everything combined, HarmonyOS NEXT aims to make the foldable phone experience much more interactive for users. The tipster hasn’t mentioned if the new software will add new or different features to the Huawei foldable phones.

But we might discover more surprises in this segment with the stable version release.

Mate X5 will be the first foldable phone to adapt to the HarmonyOS NEXT. The device has been in the developer preview device list along with the Mate 60 Pro and MatePad Pro 13.2. These models are also open for the current beta builds.

It is unclear whether the brand-new software experience will make its way to wearables or not. The company has not listed any of the wrist gadgets in its upgrade roadmap. Although we may find these devices on the list in the time ahead.

HarmonyOS NEXT foldable experience

Huawei Mate X5 (Image Credits: Huawei/Weibo)

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