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HarmonyOS NEXT may enhance Kirin phones GPU performance by 15%



HarmonyOS NEXT Kirin performance

News regarding HarmonyOS NEXT says that the upcoming software will likely enhance the GPU performance of Kirin 9 series phones by 15%. The operating system is expected to consist of such APIs and drivers that increases the device’s efficiency.

According to @BeijingDigitalMaster, the next HarmonyOS version will specifically improve the functioning of new devices running on the Kirin 9 processors.

The leak mentions that HarmonyOS NEXT could enhance the GPU performance of Kirin 9000 and 9010 phones by 15%. A major credit for this enhancement will go to upgraded APIs and robust internal drivers used in the new OS.

Devices like Pura 70 Ultra, Pocket 2, Nova 12 series, Mate 60 lineup, and Mate X5 are currently running on the above-mentioned Kirin chips. Thus these models will receive a new phase with the HarmonyOS NEXT software upgrade in the coming months.

With the latest input, a few netizens questioned if the same treatment will be given to other Kirin 9 series chips like Kirin 9000s1, 9000WL, and others. Since these are variants of Kirin 9000, a similar efficiency upgrade is expected for them as well.

HarmonyOS NEXT Kirin performance

HarmonyOS NEXT to improve Kirin phones GPU performance (Image Credits: Weibo)

Huawei is baking HarmonyOS NEXT with useful capabilities. The tech giant has used original components like Harmony kernel over traditional Linux. This replacement can accelerate the device’s functioning 3 times over other software systems.


Many leaks have suggested that the upcoming HarmonyOS NEXT is full of impressive features. It mainly aims to make the phone experience smarter, smoother, and safer. It also looks to provide super interconnectivity between devices.

A recent input notes that HarmonyOS NEXT is way smoother as well as different from the current 4.2 version. Tipster @FixedFocus stated these words based on the developer preview experience. Huawei will unveil more abilities of this OS on June 21.

HDC 2024 is on the way!

Huawei is ready to unveil new products such as HarmonyOS NEXT beta, the Pangu 5.0 model, and AI facilities for the Cloud at the HDC 2024 event. You can further check the entire schedule, speakers, as well as timings of the conference HERE.

HarmonyOS NEXT Kirin performance

HarmonyOS NEXT to improve Kirin phones GPU performance (Image Credits: Huawei)

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