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China Construction Bank completes HarmonyOS native app beta development



China Construction Bank HarmonyOS native beta

Huawei has unveiled the HarmonyOS NEXT Galaxy version and China Construction Bank is the first to enter the new software ecosystem by completing the beta version of the HarmonyOS NEXT-based native app.

CCB or China Construction Bank is one of the ‘big four’ banks in China. It has around 13629 branches in the native region and also covers New York, London, Barcelona, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, and other countries.

The financial institute signed a cooperation agreement with Huawei for the HarmonyOS native app launch two months ago. As of now, China Construction Bank has become the first in the mobile banking sector to settle the HarmonyOS native app beta development.

Eventually, the banking firm mentioned that the HarmonyOS NEXT-based app is quite advanced compared to the previous versions. It lets users handle their financial services more swiftly in daily life, using seamless features.

China Construction Bank HarmonyOS native beta

The new beta application offers live window feature, smart notifications, and a variety of services. In addition, users can schedule real-time reminders for changing accounts, look for the availability of account registration, and check their account status in real-time.

Further, one can use the virtual assistant to handle certain tasks such as opting for transactions, making payments, transferring cash to other accounts, and more.

Consequently, the HarmonyOS NEXT-based beta app offers numerous enhanced facilities that can make a user’s life easier. Perhaps, we could expect more amazing changes with the stable rollout that will take place in Q4 2024.


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