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HarmonyOS NEXT can download custom enterprise apps, just like iOS



HarmonyOS NEXT custom enterprise apps

Huawei has published a new set of instructions for its developers that says, HarmonyOS NEXT now supports the installation of custom enterprise apps via description files. The function is similar to the one present in the iOS software system.

With new guidelines of the EU, Apple’s app ecosystem encountered tough treatment from lawsuits. In simple words, iPhone users cannot install those applications that aren’t available in the App Store. Although the tech giant found a solution for it.

But iOS enables developers to install custom enterprise apps using description files. These files are generally a secure certificate from the enterprise of the organization, confirming the authorization of the particular app and its security for consumers.

This also lets enterprises carry out the testing of development versions of their apps. It seems Huawei is opting for the same and allows HarmonyOS NEXT to download custom enterprise apps that are not listed on the official AppGallery store.

In the new instructions manual, Huawei mentioned that developers can put together their apps and stamp them with a committed organization’s info and certificates.

Once done, they can upload these apps and their description files on any server or third-party cloud platform so that users can directly install them on their devices, without waiting for their official listing on the AppGallery or other App Stores.

HarmonyOS NEXT custom enterprise apps

iOS vs HarmonyOS NEXT enterprise apps installation (Image Credits: ITHome/Apple)

How to access: for users

Users can visit Settings > System > Enterprise Device and Application Management > Enterprise Application Management and turn on the ‘allow’ tab to enable the custom app installation feature and make everything run smoothly on the device.

Huawei further points out that it is a perfect capability for apps that aren’t present on the AppGallery and tends to remain specified for particular groups or internal enterprises. Note that this feature currently only works for HarmonyOS apps.

At the same time, the Chinese tech maker cited that developers can take the help of AGC (AppGallery Connect – a one-stop service platform for app creation, development, distribution, and engagement) for initial distribution via official channels.

HarmonyOS NEXT custom enterprise apps

HarmonyOS NEXT enterprise apps installation (Image Credits: ITHome)

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