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HarmonyOS NEXT animation effects seem better than Android: Tipster



HarmonyOS NEXT animation Android

HarmonyOS NEXT is creating a wave of excitement among users and a tipster has leveled up this feel by detailing the Developer Preview 2 of this software. The input reveals that HarmonyOS NEXT animation effects are better than Android.

Weibo tipster @FixedFocus says that HarmonyOS NEXT is one step ahead of Android in animation effects. While the firm has not officially announced the DP2, the blogger shares his experience with the new development build and its interesting capabilities.

Details reveal that ‘Developer options’ of HarmonyOS NEXT are quite similar to the Android. Yet the former outperforms the latter in many fields. The tipster adds that Huawei’s self-developed OS is true and independent without Linux or AOSP.

It’s not the first time that the HarmonyOS NEXT has been praised by tipsters for its smoothness. Several early inputs say that the next OS is fluent, more seamless, and way smoother for smartphones and tablets over its previous versions.

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The tipster further states that HarmonyOS NEXT contains powerful AI features but they are still unknown and may appear with upcoming builds or the consumer beta.

Another good change appears as advertising reduction to a greater extent. Thus no more interruptions while operating applications or browsing sites on the internet.

HarmonyOS NEXT animation Android

HarmonyOS NEXT seems to have better animations than Android (Image Credits: Weibo)

Other features will likely include an optimized user interface for phones and tablets, enhanced user security, and upgraded interconnectivity aspects between devices.

Is HarmonyOS NEXT safe?

Huawei devices are currently running on the HarmonyOS 4.2 version. Before jumping on the ‘NEXT’ major upgrade, many users might have the fear of losing their data.

Although the information reveals that Huawei offers a useful capability called ‘Cloud Virtual Phone’ (Cloud Phone Host). To use this feature, all you need is a standard network connection. None of the device services is transmitted and remains safe.

From the name, the feature helps sync data of the device and store it in a temporary space for about a month, thereafter proceeds towards the upgrade.

This will ultimately collect your original data from the device and save it, reducing this risk of data elimination. Note that the company has already released this feature earlier but might improve it with HarmonyOS NEXT. Although the input is uncertain for now.

The Chinese phone maker will release the HarmonyOS NEXT beta on June 21 and share more details on its impressive features.

HarmonyOS NEXT animation Android

Huawei has a new Cloud Virtual Phone service for HarmonyOS-powered devices (Image Credits: Weibo)

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