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HarmonyOS Large Folders: Create a custom home screen



HarmonyOS Large Folders

HarmonyOS has new features and a set of customization features for the home screen including the Large Folders. This feature makes your phone’s home screen easy to navigate by organizing apps into one Large Folder and quickly accessing the corresponding app without evening opening that app folder in the first place.

HarmonyOS Large Folders Hands-on video is linked below.

Using this feature is very easy.

Create a standard app folder and drag and drop an app on another. Then, tap and hold that folder, select Enlarge from the popup menu.

HarmonyOS Large Folders

The folder will now be maximized to provide quick access apps shortcuts in one place. You can touch the large icons within a large folder to directly access the corresponding app without opening that folder.

HarmonyOS large folders

To be mentioned, you can enter the large folder with a touch on the lower right corner of the folder.

HarmonyOS Large Folders Hands-on:

HarmonyOS 2:

HarmonyOS 2 is the second iteration of the HarmonyOS operating system by Huawei and comes with various new features as well as the adaptation of the Huawei smartphones platform.

HarmonyOS brings a new user interface that enables simple and can be quickly optimized according to the user preference. Its notable features also consist of the App Snippet feature, which you can check in the article given below.

Huawei HarmonyOS 2 Feature: App Snippets

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