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HarmonyOS gain against iOS and Android



HarmonyOS Android iOS

Huawei HarmonyOS continue to gain market share in the global operating system market against Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. This statement is now supported by a well-known market researcher.

According to Counterpoint Research, HarmonyOS keeps on getting stronger both in homeground and on the global market. Huawei started the HarmonyOS smartphone journey in 2020 with its release on smart TVs.

However, the phone version made its debut in 2021. Afterward, Huawei made rapid growth in smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. It gathered millions of devices in the Chinese market.

After a week of launch in June 2021, HarmonyOS achieved 10 million installations in Huawei smartphones. By the end of 2022, Huawei marked 320 million HarmonyOS active installations.

Looking at the data, HarmonoyOS had a 0% market share at the beginning of 2021. While this state remained unchanged until the fourth quarter of the same year. In the first two quarters of the following year, HarmonyOS carried 1% of the overall operating system market share.

However, HarmonyOS gained another percent of the global operating system market in the third quarter of 2022.

Aside from this, HarmonyOS is now counting 8% of the overall Chinese operating system market by Q4 of 2022. This is another aspect of HarmonyOS that surprised us and why not, the company is running over 600 million devices in the country combining IoT, smart home, industrial, and consumer platforms.

Android and iOS:

The fact is, Android still rules over the operating system market with a 76% market share and iOS with a 22% market share. Notably, these operating systems are facing ups and downs in their streams.

“Huawei’s Harmony OS has captured a 2% share in the global smartphone OS market and an 8% share in China in Q4 2022, but it is nowhere near the dominance it had before the ban.” wrote Counterpoint Research.

HarmonyOS gains Android iOS

Despite having a low market share, we must have to compare the origin and time that HarmonyOS took to gain market share against Android and iOS. We must also look over the time the other two giant software took to expand around the world.

Therefore, the progress made by HarmonyOS matters even if it’s less in numbers.


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