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HarmonyOS-based Amap version supports multi-device services



Amap HarmonyOS multi-device

AutoNavi – the Chinese web mapping services provider announced that its Amap has adapted to the HarmonyOS native app version and supports multi-device services. The current application build has also become more seamless and efficient than before.

The AutoNavi firm announced this news during the Huawei Developer Conference 2024. It claims to be the first company in the field of map navigation to initiate the HarmonyOS-based app version development and has attained good progress.

Huawei and Amap signed a cooperation agreement last year (December) to begin the development of the HarmonyOS native app. The aim was to create a new full-scenario user experience with upgraded facilities and better navigation services for users.

Now Amap has adapted to the HarmonyOS NEXT-based app version and features multi-device services. It can be used on any device including phones, tablets, and more.

Amap HarmonyOS multi-device

HarmonyOS-based Amap supports multi-device services (Image Credits: ITHome)

The company further explains that the travel and location details are now more accurate and appear seamlessly on HarmonyOS-powered devices without any interruptions.

The Technical Director of AutoNavi HarmonyOS – Song Haobo states that the new HarmonyOS-based Amap version easily adapts to all kinds of devices such as phones, foldable, as well as tablets, by using a few protocols and a set of codes.

More apps will join the HarmonyOS NEXT native app batch with efficient features and improvements over the previous application builds. This will ultimately expand the HarmonyOS app ecosystem to a greater extent in the home ground.

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