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Huawei to develop Celia super assistant with 5.5G and AI features



Huawei Celia super assistant 5.5G AI

Huawei is planning to develop a new Celia “super assistant” which will be full of new upgrades such as 5.5G and AI features. The company talked about its plan at the 2024 Mobile Communications High-Quality Development Forum on June 07.

At the event, the Senior Vice President of Huawei – Cao Jibin delivered a speech on how teamwork can initiate the era of 5G-A technology in the native region.

During his speech, Cao also mentioned that Huawei aims to build a new Celia super assistant fused with 5.5G network technology and smart AI features.

Further inputs reveal that this new Celia super assistant app will uproot over the Pangu AI large model. Since the company has said to launch a new Pangu Model 5.0 at HDC 2024, we can expect this tech for the upcoming assistant app as well.

Celia voice assistant already runs on the LLM (Large Language Model) AI and advanced algorithms. But the company now aims to make it smarter and efficient for users. Cao believes that new add-ons will fulfill user’s needs in a much better way.

“Huawei is the first company to introduce AI into smartphones. In the next step, we will build Celia into a super assistant based on the Pangu model, integrating the capabilities of 5G + AI to provide users with better devices.” – says Cao Jibin.

Huawei Celia super assistant 5.5G AI

Huawei to develop a new Celia super assistant with 5.5G and AI capabilities (Image Credits: Huawei)

5G-A technology

Apart from the application, Jibin discussed the benefits of 5G-A benefits. The advanced network technology (also known as 5.5G) offers a faster, more stable, and functional mobile communication network over the previous network versions.

In the next 5-10 years 5G-A will become more powerful and help in every network scenario like individual users, families, offices, and other places. It will also boost digital transformation and introduce several AI facilities for customers.

For AI, the demand for smart techs and capabilities will rise by 100 times and AI computing by 500 times. Cao also stated that even though the chip production is progressing at a snail’s speed, things could see a positive change in the future.

“Huawei is working with the industry to collect, sort out, and present information in a more scientific way through the collaboration of chips, software, hardware, terminals, networks, and clouds, and to sort out the construction of digital infrastructure.”

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