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HarmonyOS 4 will bring AI ChatGPT like prompt for Celia voice assistant with large language model



HarmonyOS 4 AI Large Model Voice Assistant

This week, Huawei will launch HarmonyOS 4 and upgrade the Celia voice assistant with a large language model (LLM) for brand new AI reply features similar to ChatGPT on smartphone devices.

The latest news is coming directly from Huawei Smart Device CEO, Yu Chengdong. He posted a video of this new AI Celia voice assistant demo online to hype its launch.

The video shows Huawei CEO interacting with Celia Voice Assistant, which prompted a text reply mentioned below.

Yu Chengdong asked “Write a Weibo post to invite everyone to participate in the Huawei Developer Conference on August 4th to witness the latest developments in the world of HarmonyOS”

The assistant replied “On August 4th, the Huawei Developer Conference will be grandly opened! This time we will take you to explore the latest developments in the HarmonyOS world and unlock the infinite possibilities of the future. Whether you are a developer or a user, we invite you to participate in this technological feast and jointly draw a new blueprint for the HarmonyOS ecosystem. Let us explore the charm of technology and create a better future together! #HUAWEIDEVELOPERCONFERENCE #HarmonyOSWorld”

Below the reply, there is a note, which says “Data source: Automatically generated by the AI model, there may be omissions, for reference only”. It clarifies that Huawei has ramped up the AI power of voice assistant using large models.

Large Model:

Recently, Huawei speed up its cadre of AI technologies in the cloud sector. The company introduced Pangu 3.0 large model for AI training for the industry. Huawei labeled this tech with a broad set of capabilities to make applications such as ChatGPT.

The latest demonstration shows that Huawei is using a large language AI model in its upcoming HarmonyOS 4 Celia voice assistant to generate fast, efficient, and detailed replies for long text.

Over the past few months, various Huawei patents surfaced showing technology for human-to-AI/computer conversation. There is even a patent from the tech maker, which resembles the current version of ChatGPT.

But now, we can look forward to HarmonyOS 4 for advanced AI integration and improvements in user experience. Read more about HDC 2023 event below.

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