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HarmonyOS 4 (EMUI 14) to highlight AI features



HarmonyOS 4

HarmonyOS 4 will launch around the fall of this year and this version could pack numerous AI-powered features. Since EMUI is following HarmonyOS, we are likely to see these changes from HarmonyOS 4 eventually making their way with EMUI 14.

The tech industry is going through a significant overhaul using A.I. technologies. The recent revelation on HarmonyOS 4 proves that Huawei is also pursuing the same goal.

CEO of the Consumer BG, and the CEO of the Intelligent Automotive Solution BU, Yu Chengdong confirmed that Huawei’s next generation of smart car cockpit systems would use HarmonyOS 4.

The HarmonyOS 4 features for smart cars are using AI for best output. These will lead to comfort in operations as well as in the security of the car models. Since autonomous is also based on AI and machine learning technologies, HarmonyOS 4 will bring capabilities to support onboard hardware.

HarmonyOS 4:

Coming to smartphones, Huawei is trying to hold all of the excitement of HarmonyOS 4 features. However, we could draw the conclusion that the company will further boost the software performance to collaborate with other platforms.

So, we can ensure that Super Device will significantly improve. We may also see new changes in on-screen personalization. All of these will highlight, HarmonyOS 4 tagged with AI.

HarmonyOS 3:

In July 2022, Huawei announced HarmonyOS 3 software, which first launched with the Huawei Mate 50 series in October. It made the flagship first to pre-equip with this software, later it made an entrance in old devices with an OTA upgrade.

HarmonyOS 3 comes with a fast and efficient Super Device panel with more platform support. This version also has smart folders, a new version of large folders. Furthermore, the widget management is improved with stack and group options. Huawei also put on some new security enhancements such as privacy and security centers.

HarmonyOS 3.1:

In March, Huawei released the P60 series and it has pre-installed HarmonyOS 3.1 with brand new lock screen personalization. As we’ve discussed before, the HarmonyOS version also brings new additions to the camera app.


The current generation of Huawei phones is preparing for EMUI 13 and HarmonyOS 3.1 in respective markets. On the sidelines, we already started listening to EMUI 14 and HarmonyOS 4. We hope that it reaches all users as soon as possible.

HarmonyOS 4

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