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HarmonyOS 3 animation is smoother and faster than One UI 5.0 and iOS 16 [Video]



harmonyos 3

A short comparison video shows Huawei HarmonyOS 3 has better and smoother animation than Samsung’s One UI 5.0 and Apple iOS 16 software with a swipe gesture in action.

HarmonyOS 3 is a massive improvement over HarmonyOS 2, as it offers various updates to past features. However, there’s one special specialty of the software that you can never underestimate – animations, which are deeply built into the inner core of the operating system and based on the motion of physics.

Tipster Ice Universe has shared a comparison of UI animation between Huawei Mate 50 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, and iPhone 14 Pro. These phones are packed with HarmonyOS 3.0, One UI 5.0, and iOS 16 respectively.

The video shows the swipe-up gesture directly from the home bar, and HarmonyOS 3 is the first to respond against the other software. Also, the animation is pretty fast in HarmonyOS 3 as compared to One UI 5.0 and iOS 16. The smoothness in the start and end curves is also noticeable in the slow motion.

We also want to mention that iOS 16 has kept the same rhythm as HarmonyOS 3 but One UI 5.0 has a very sluggish outcome when it comes to UI animations.


Animations are important and they create an intriguing effect on the user experience. Huawei’s self-developed design brings new capability to take full advantage of the hardware and optimizes the software for the best possible use cases.

Apple too has the same advantage over Android phones such as Samsung and iPhones optimizations always keep rocking on the benchmarks.

Similarly, Huawei has started to harness the power of the mobile operating system and make it better for consumers. We also want to note that Samsung does need critical improvements in One UI and it should rise the level if it wants to compete against the best in the industry.

On one hand, Samsung is offering less in the software, while on the other HarmonyOS 3 has boasted so many features ready to explore.

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