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HarmonyOS 3.1 Developer Preview rolling out and brings new features



harmonyos 3.1 developer preview

Huawei HarmonyOS 3.1 is creating a wave of excitement and rolling out under the developer preview (DP) channel with a number of new features for early platform development.

HarmonyOS  3.1 preview version comes with enhanced declarative UI capabilities, a new application development model – Stage model, and in DFX, Web component development, and internationalization The capabilities of subsystems such as development, communication interconnection, and media software have been updated or enhanced.

Also, this release of HarmonyOS 3.1 Developer Preview is a beta version for developers. The application development stage model is newly launched and includes subsystems such as ArkUI, ArkTS language, Web, and application framework that have been updated or enhanced.

Check the HarmonyOS 3.1 developer preview changelog:

  • The meta-capability adds a stage development model, including stage model lifecycle management, scheduling, callback, context acquisition, authentication, etc.
  • Web services add support for document preview and basic editing functions of document-type web applications, as well as cookie management and storage management.
  • Added an interface for querying application, Ability, and ExtensionAbility-related properties in application package management.
  • The ArkUI development framework enhances the declarative Canvas/XComponent component capability, enhances the component layout capability, and the state management capability.

HarmonyOS 3.1:

Huawei launched HarmonyOS 3.1 operating system and announced a developer preview rollout on the same day. According to the roadmap, Huawei will start beta testing in the first quarter of 2022, it’s expected that the phone users will get HarmonyOS 3.1 beta by January 2023.

Meanwhile, public release is scheduled to happen in the second quarter of 2023, somewhere in April. It’s expected that the Huawei P60 series will be the first flagship to come up with this new HarmonyOS software but more details are still awaited.

Currently, Huawei has not released any new HarmonoyOS 3.1 features or user interface designs for smartphones. However, we’ll keep you posted as more information continue to unfold.

harmonyos 3.1 developer preview

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