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Half of Huawei flagship phones could be Foldable in two years, says CEO Richard Yu



Huawei CEO Richard Yu said in a interview with GSMArena, Half of Huawei flagship devices could be foldable in two years.

Huawei first foldable phone, Huawei Mate X, isn’t even out yet, but we have a new confirmation of its future – and it definitely looks bright.

Huawei’s first 5G mobile phone Mate X will be launched in June this year

In an interview with GSMArena, Huawei CEO Richard Yu answers the most important questions about the foldable phones:

Q: Looking at foldable devices in general and the Mate X in particular, what market share do you see for foldable devices compared to other form factors (can you give us a percentage)?

A: Well, currently, folding phones are just in the beginning and the market share is small, they cost a lot and it’s very expensive to produce such devices. As times fly, the costs will reduce, I think in two years foldable phones will have a similar price to current flagship phones. Still some people will prefer normal smartphones and others will prefer foldable ones.

Q: Would you say half of your devices in a few years will be foldable?

A: It’s difficult to say, I think that on a flagship level in two years, half of our devices could be foldable. I really enjoy using the Mate X. I use it for work all the time, it’s really useful having the larger screen when reading charts and graphs or just for browsing the web.

Further, Yu added:

“I really enjoy using the Mate X for work, and the P30 Pro for everything else, especially the camera it’s really good. In the future we can make a foldable phone sized in half of this one [P30 Pro], we have plans for a smaller foldable phone.”

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