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Guangdong Mobile and Huawei complete the first commercial verification of 5G public network



On May 24th, 2021, Guangdong Mobile and Huawei have jointly completed the first large-scale commercial verification of the 5G slices in the public network. It adopts Huawei’s uplink MU-MIMO (Multi-User Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) Technology.

What is Slicing technology:

The Slicing technology is the core of 5G network technology to realize the perfect combination of various 5G operators and consumer’s personalized network requirements.

It provides providing logical resource isolation, on-demand combination, and close-to-business network capabilities to deliver high-value services.

Present Status:

Talking about the present status of the network industry, it’s mainly covered by fiber optic coverage. Meanwhile, the distribution network is in a state of  “blind adjustment”. It requires massive connections, safety, and efficiency, while timing is the most basic requirement in the distribution of the 5G network.

The automation equipment of the power system including the fault recorders, microcomputers, and protection devices are requests accurate clock synchronization signals to maintain the dispatching station and realize mechanization Control, troubleshooting, and problem location.

Verification result of 5G Slicing:

The verification results show that the service achieved low latency and high-reliability function which works on  RAN slicing technology.

The delay in transporting speed only reaches 40ms, with the reduction of 16ms to 8ms that shows the high service stability, and improves power supply reliability.

Main Application Areas:

The Video backhaul in the power industry is a highly demanded service mainly used in the following two areas.

  • High-definition camera
  • Intelligent inspection service

The services are covered by these applications include deployment in substations, power plants, transmission line towers, robots, and drones for real-time inspections.

The slicing technology solution is required to satisfy the users’ demand. Huawei is the only tech firm that can provide this technology to guarantee the service and contributes to the digital transformation of the industry.

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