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Huawei P50 to use Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor alongside a new tablet, really gonna happen?



Huawei will kick off June by hosting a lunch conference, in which, the company will unveil its latest tablet, smartwatch, and new software – HarmonyOS 2.0 for mobile devices.

However, these aren’t the only devices that will make the headlines in the coming month because Huawei has planned even beginner for July.

According to the information, Huawei will host another unveiling in July and will introduce the Huawei P50 series along with a new tablet – Huawei MatePad 2. However, there is a bit more interesting news on this matter the claims that these phones will be packed with Qualcomm processors.


Information coming from a well-known Weibo tipster claims that Huawei MatePad 2 and Huawei P50 devices will have the 4G version of Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, which is really surprising to see happens.

Huawei MatePad Pro 2 and MatePad 2:

The tipster also suggests that Huawei will bring three new tablets, two will be 12.6 and 10.8-inch labeled under the MatePad Pro 2, and will launch on June 2. While the next version will be the MatePad 2, which has a 12.2-inch screen size that will launch along with the P50 lineup.


Qualcomm 4G Processor?

A few months ago, a report revealed that Qualcomm internally testing a “4G” version of the Snapdragon 888 processor, which supports 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB of UFS storage. To be mentioned, especially, the chipset also found to be using “Leica” camera codes, which can be only found on Huawei smartphones, until P50.

Will Huawei be able to use Qualcomm Snapdragon 888?

Yes, because Qualcomm had received permission from the U.S. Department of Commerce to supply mobile phone chips to Huawei, it can only supply 4G mobile chips and not 5G.

Therefore, it would be very good for Huawei to use these chipsets and maintain its chipset volume as well as producing a number of new smartphones because the rest of the global market still doesn’t have vast 5G access compared to China and mobile operators still uses LTE networks.


Currently, Qualcomm only has a 5G version of Snapdragon 888 but if a chipmaker launches a brand new processor, then it should be able to sell to Huawei.

Keeping this in mind, Huawei can utilize the Snapdragon 888 4G and use it in the 4G version of its devices. On other hand, the company will use Kirin 9000 for 5G models.


Still, Huawei hasn’t said any word regarding this matter but we’ll likely get more information as we move forward towards the launch of these upcoming devices.


Most of Deng Li's smartphones are from the Huawei ecosystem and his first Huawei phone was Ascend Mate 2 (4G). As a tech enthusiast, he keeps exploring new technologies and inspects them closely. Apart from the technology world, he takes care of his garden.


Huawei P50 Series launch event preview, here’s what to expect




Huawei P50 series

Huawei P50 series launch event set for July 29, and we’re just a few days away from this unveiling. The excitement and hype are real, as Huawei prepares to introduce its new flagship.

However, the Huawei P50 lineup will not be the only device that will make its debut at the Huawei Flagship Product Launch Conference. Because there’s a full batch of devices that will also join the Huawei P50 series launch party.

So, let’s preview and explore what we can expect from the Huawei P50 series launch event.


Huawei P50 series:

First, let’s come to the main spotlight of the event, Huawei P50. This lineup consists of three models:

  1. Huawei P50
  2. Huawei p50 Pro
  3. Huawei P50 Pro Plus

Huawei P50 series

All three devices are planned and developed to provide a new user experience but the camera section is also ready to surpass all of its predecessors throughout the entire P series segment.

Aside from Kirin chipset, Huawei will also be using a 4G Qualcomm Snapdragon processor on the Huawei P50 series.


Furthermore, Huawei has installed some of the newest camera technologies to the Huawei P50 trio and will bring it in front of the viewers.

What else in the Huawei P50 series launch event? Let’s Check.

Huawei Sound X Smart Speaker:

Huawei Sound X Smart Speaker is coming with new HarmonyOS 2 operating system support and a few design tweaks over the previous Huawei Sound X device.


Huawei Sound X 2021

Smart Screen:

On July 29, Huawei will unveil two new smart screen smart TVs that include the first mini LED smart TV. The second one is the first time ever – 98-inch giant smart TV. both of these smart devices will come with better sound quality and are pre-packed with HarmonyOS 2.

Huawei Smart Screen 98 inch

Huawei Band 6 Pro:

Huawei has already launched the Huawei Band 6 and at the launch event, Huawei Band 6 Pro is likely to make its way to the announcement list. However, we’ll be excited to see what improvement its brings over the non-pro version.

Huawei band 6

New Children Tablet:

Huawei has confirmed that a new children’s touchscreen tablet product is coming for the children and it’ll be the first children’s product that is powered by the HM OS.


Huawei HarmonyOS children product

New HarmonyOS Features:

Stepping aside, Huawei will also be bringing some of the newest software features for the HarmonyOS 2, which will empower the Huawei P50 series and increase the user experience.

New Announcements:

To be mentioned, Huawei may also make some of the important announcements on its services as well as current global products.

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Huawei Forum goes under maintenance from July 26 to August 9



On 25 July, Huawei has officially announced that the company is conducting upgrade maintenance for Huawei Forum between July 26, 2021, to August 9, 2021, 22:00 (China time).

Huawei Forum announcement

During this time, Huawei Club’s PC, APP, and WAP versions will not be available or we can say remain closed in order to enhance the user experience.

On this subject, Huawei posted an apology for the inconvenience caused to you during the upgrade and maintenance period that reads “Thank you Pollens for your continued understanding and support of the Huawei Club!”


Huawei Forum announcement 1

Previous information:

Last month, due to HarmonyOS 2.0 upgrade, a large number of users continue using the Huawei Club, which increases the sudden traffic on the server. For server widening the Huawei kept the forum under maintenance from 22:30 on June 3 to 20:00 on June 5.

HarmonyOS 2.0 progress:

In the latest chapter of HarmonyOS 2.0, Huawei started dispatching the stable HarmonyOS 2.0 updates for eligible devices launched in China in the different phases.

HarmonyOS 2.0 comes with a fresh users interface and a bunch of new features to provide a next-level user experience. The features include smart home, smart office, HarmonyOS fonts, super device, app guard, and more.


(Source | Weibo)

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These 27 Huawei devices receiving stable HarmonyOS 2, Global variant awaits

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Huawei P50 series launch invitations rolling



Huawei launch conference invitations

Huawei began to send Huawei P50 series launch event invitations to the people. According to the official information, the launch is set for July 29.

Huawei has shared four new invitation posters for the consumers on Weibo that reads “Huawei invites you to the flagship new product launch event”. The event will start at 7:30 PM at China time.

Huawei flagship product launch invitation

These new Huawei P50 launch invitations show different themes and anticipate different types of features that will be revealed on the launch stage.


Huawei Flagship Product launch Conference:

On July 29, Huawei will not only unveil its latest flagship phone but also a number of different devices including the following:

  1. New Smart Screen
  2. Sound X Speaker
  3. New Huawei Band 6
  4. New Children’s Watch

Aside from these, Huawei may also make several other important announcements for the consumers.

Huawei flagship product launch invitation Huawei flagship product launch invitation Huawei Lunch Invitation

(Source – Weibo)

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