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‘Great Show’ Huawei CEO hypes upcoming Mate 60 series conference



Yu Chengdong

Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO, CEO of Smart Car Business Solution, Yu Chengdong shared the teaser of the upcoming Mate 60 series and called it a ‘great show’.

Today, Huawei announced that the 2023 Autumn Full Scenario New Product Launch Conference will happen on September 25 at 14:30 local time in China. At the event, the company will officially introduce all new Mate 60 models and other devices.

Huawei Device CEO wrote “Great Show, one after another, see you on September 25” for the Mate 60 series event. According to the past launch conferences, Yu Chengdong will open the showcase event and unveil new devices in public.

Huawei ceo great show Mate 60

However, the Mate 60 series won’t be alone on the stage because the Mate X5 and a bunch of other products will also join the unveiling party.

On September 12, Yu Chengdong launched a new AITO SUV model – M7 featuring the Huawei ADS 2.0 smart driving system. At the event, he mentioned the Mate 60 series.

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