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Google to bring Privacy Sandbox for Android 13 devices in 2023



Android 13 Privacy Sandbox

Google is constantly adding new tweaks to its latest operating system. As per the official inputs, Google has spelled out a new term – Privacy Sandbox that it will soon implement on Android 13 devices.

The US tech maker recently shared a post on its official blog site. Accordingly, the company will initiate the Google Privacy Sandbox beta program for Android 13 smartphones in 2023 year.

To be specific, the Privacy Sandbox is an interesting as well as thoughtful step toward improved security. As the name reflects, it is a box full of new and advanced techs to build enhanced digital concepts.

Consequently, developers can build more simplified and coherent internet content. As a result, digital companies will get extra benefits and innovative creations with the Privacy Sandbox usage.

Moreover, it will lessen the cross-site connections and unnecessary app tracking so that users can enjoy online services without the stress of security threats and harmful malware. As a result, it will help both users and developers and will fulfill the security demands.

Google introduced the Privacy Sandbox in February this year. As of now, the company is confirming the beta release of the respective feature for Android 13 devices. The manufacturer will initiate the beta step in 2023.

Privacy Sandbox Beta – Details

In the beta phase, the developers can inspect and test the new privacy solution. Although, before enrolling in the beta iteration, developers need to provide the following details:

  • Contact information
  • Business information including the organization’s DUNS number
  • Developer’s SDK(s) and URL(s) that need access to call the Privacy Sandbox on Android APIs
  • Other inputs necessary for API or server configuration

You can learn more about the enrollment procedure HERE.

On the other hand, if you are an interested Android 13 device user and would like to participate in this beta activity, then you have to fill out a form HERE.

Before filling out the form, read the instructions carefully. Make sure that you have an Android 13 eligible device before proceeding with the beta activity.

Android 13 Privacy Sandbox


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