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Android 13 Beta 3 eliminating some shortcut features on Pixel devices



Android 13 beta shortcut features

Once again, Android 13 Beta is spotted on the bugs and issues list. A user recently reported that some of its favorite shortcut and notification features are missing after upgrading to the latest Android 13 beta firmware.

Shortcut features perform some specific actions in the devices. These features reside either in the supported launcher or the virtual assistant. Besides, it helps users quickly initiate common actions on their phones.

As per the details, the Pixel 7 Pro user enrolled in the latest beta rollout. After the Android 13 beta installation, the user didn’t find the drop-down shortcut features (used to identify a song playing) on his smartphone.

The user further mentions that this feature was one of the most effective and thoughtful shortcuts on his device. On the other hand, the respective element was much quicker than commanding the Google Assistant for a similar task.

Interestingly, the user has compared the beta results between his Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro devices. He said that though the feature is missing from the Pixel 7 Pro smartphone, it was available when updated Pixel 6 Pro to the latest beta iteration.

An issue with the call display

In continuation, the user also mentioned that there is some issue with the call display as well. So far, the ongoing calls used to appear in a pill-like shape at the top-left corner (beside the clock icon). However, after the upgrade, the pill shape has converted into a bubble.

Again, things were good with the Pixel 6 Pro smartphone. Yet the beta has resulted in some terrible changes on the Pixel 7 Pro handset.

On the flip side, another user reported the quick setting tile issue. Accordingly, the issue has bumped into the Wi-Fi toggle, and turning it on and off has become such an irritating task.

Android 13 beta shortcut features

Suggested Solution:

Many users appeared with some solutions for the respective shortcut issue. An individual asked to check the respective shortcut feature in the Settings menu:

  • Go to the Settings app
  • Tap on the Search bar
  • Search “Now Playing”

Although, this didn’t help the user much. According to the inputs, he didn’t find anything relevant that can add the drop-down shortcut button back on the notification shade.

Why only Pixel 7 devices?

As mentioned, the issues are only appearing when upgrading the Pixel 7 Pro device to the latest firmware. Meanwhile, things are quite good with the Pixel 6 Pro gadget. This is more surprising in comparison to the issues arising in the phone.

Even in recent times, we came across several issues that are particularly affecting the Pixel 7 series in some or the other way. For instance, the Vo5G issue has disappeared unknowingly from many Pixel 7 devices.

So what does that mean? Is the Pixel 7 series not compatible with the Android 13 system? Well, we need a more clear view of these statements.

As per the tweaks, Android 13 QPR1 Beta 3.1 could be the last beta rollout. Thereafter, the company will push off the stable build. Perhaps, we could find one more beta iteration by the end of this month with some new and major fixes.

Since the latest beta holds several issues, one more improvement rollout is required so that users could get rid of the bugs and defects that are taking place at the moment.

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