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Google Play Store revamps tablet UI with navigation rail



Google Play Store navigation rail

Google Play Store platform is not only for smartphones but also for tablet devices to them explore the world of the app market. However, Google dispatched the new redesign navigation rail for the Play Store table users.

This new rearrangement of the Google Play Store icon placement on at the top-left. A navigation rail with a pill-shaped active indicator has been replaced. This strategy is more condensed and uses less vacant space.

The new Google Play Store Navigation rail offers comfortable transitions between main app locations. Notably, the navigation rail is a small setup that gives your tablets high-priority reach.

As Play Points, alerts, and profile avatars continue to be on the right, Google has now made the search box narrower. Although the compact logo and search field are used, the portrait orientation uses the phone’s UI, which is in the bottom bar. The store’s app listings or any other area are both remaining unchanged.

Google Play Store navigation rail

Additionally, the other hand, in the previous version of the Google Play Store, the logo of the store was ‘Google Play. While in the latest version you will notice that there is only an icon of Google Play.

The store will eventually be completely redesigned by Google to use cards rather than full-width carousels. However, you will also miss the editor’s choice option on the top toolbars.

This new update for Google Play will give you a proper arrangement of your interest application on tablet devices. All these redesigned setups are implemented through the 32.5.16 build version of Google Play.

The company has already started releasing this navigation rail feature for Android devices. We recommend you check for updates on your device to experience new and amusing changes on your tablet. Notably, this current version of Google play has not yet been released for Chromebooks.


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