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Google Play Store 34.0.13 version is out for Android



Google Play Store

Despite a long-standing issue with its changelog, Google keeps on sending new and multiple Play Store versions to Android users including the 34.0.13, which recently began to release.

Google Play Store 34.0.13 is currently in the expansion stage for Android devices and it may take some to reach all of the users.

Purchase approval:

Earlier this week, Google added a new parent control feature to Play Store that will allow parents to add purchase approval for their children.

According to the information, the feature will allow children to send a purchase request for the family manager account to approve it. Similar to app notification and the parent could then choose whether to approve it or not.

The approval covers paid apps and in-app purchases. Once received, the family manager could tap on the notification to process the payment request. The payment could be made through on-screen payment options as well as Google Play gift cards. In addition, you can check all of the histories in the section.

Google Play Store

Real users and bots:

There is input that Google is working on a new way for developers to provide important information to users to detect whether it is run by a bot or a human.

Mishaal Rahman said that Google Play will execute this task by releasing a signal that helps to detect between “likely genuine” and likely non-genuine” traffic based on the presence and volume of Google Play Store activity.

We can simply call it an automated AI based approach to detect activity based on the usage data of a regular Play Store user. However, there’s no official information available from Google on this matter.


There was a change that recently appeared on the Play Store web version, such as the disappearance of the changelog of listed apps.

However, the changelogs are back in their place, as if they were never removed.

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