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Google Play Store 33.0.16 is rolling out Android



google play store 33.0.16

Google Play Store is getting a new version – 33.0.16 for Android devices, the latest comes right after Google released November 2022 system update.

According to the information, the latest Google Play Store 33.0.16 version contributes to the system’s stability to provide you with a better user experience while surfing through the app section.

Meanwhile, you can rest assured that this version will be seeded on your phone without requiring a manual download. But if you do, then visit our Google Play Store app download page.

Play Store Developments:

This week Google confirmed to rollout of a new quality filter for Play Store, that aims to eliminate low-quality app recommendations from the app-serving platform.

Under this, Google is suggesting developers make high-quality apps featuring both technical and in-app quality. Similar changes have been observed in Apple’s App Store since 2017.

This has been a major flaw in the Google Play Store, as there are many apps and games that deliver low rated content.

The Android maker revealed that apps that don’t meet the new requirements will be excluded from Play Store. Such failure will cause them recommendations.

There are other aspects to look including the app’s design, ads integration, accessible features, and easy navigation. Furthermore, the app will be checked according to the Android quality guideline and best practices.

Update apps at once:

9to5Google reported that Google has resized the “Update all” button on Play Store, providing you with better access to the feature. In terms of appearance, the button has now become wider.

November 2022 system update:

Google has also released November 2022 System update that comes with new improvements for Account management, photo picker extended support back to Android 4.4.

While there are new improvements for Play Store including:

  • New Features to help you discover the Apps & Games you love.
  • Optimizations allow faster and more reliable downloads and installation.
  • Continuous improvements to Play Protect to keep your device safe.
  • Various performance optimizations, bug fixes, and improvements to security, stability, and accessibility.

There are more features, bug fixes, and optimizations that come with November 2022 Play System update, which you read here.

google play store 33.0.16

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