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Google News returns in Spain after 8 years of shut down



google news spain

On June 22, 2022, On Wednesday, Google officially announce the return of the Google News platform in Spain after 8 years of long shut down. This return is labeled under the global 20th anniversary of Google News.

The “Google News Return in Spain” has been made possible by the recent change in a copyright law that will allow Spanish media outlets to list or make discoverable content accordingly along with their own wanting of monetizing that content. These new law amendments applied to both big and small publishers.

According to Google, Spain’s news consumption fell to the lowest after Google News’s exit from the country in 2014  and this also led to a huge traffic loss into publications traffic sources, which was a great impact on their earnings.

google news spain

Google News Spain:

Google has confirmed to launch of a separate Google News website dedicated to Spanish readers. Adding to this, the company will also launch Google News Spain mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms.

The Google News Spain platform will allow publishers and readers to find all sorts of content including small, local, and big publications all together as well as helping them to discover the news they want to read at an instance.

Moving on, Google has promised to launch its new publisher programs such as Google News Showcase in the country soon. The firm is also planning to invest in new products, programs, and funding in the country via the Google News initiative.

Google News:

Google News is available in over 125 countries and 40 languages. Each month, people click through Google Search and Google News results to publishers’ websites more than 24 billion times.

Google News directs readers to publishers’ websites when they click on links – helping drive traffic to their content, where they can show ads and incentivize readers to subscribe and showcase the readers.

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