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Global IoT scale expected to hit ten of billion by 2030: Huawei CTO Europe




On April 4, 2022, At the 23rd MPLS SD & AI Network World Congress 2022, Wu Ping, Huawei’s CTO of the data communication product line of the European branch mentioned that the wave of digitalization is sweeping the world.

Further, Ping said that the rapid development of the digital economy has put forward new demands on traditional IP networks. So, Huawei expected that the global IoT scale will reach tens of billions by the year 2030.

At the moment, the growth rate of the digital economy is more than twice the growth rate of GDP, and the impact of the digital economy on the world is greater than significant at any time in history.

Huawei global IoT 2030

With the rising demands for IP networks, there are the following challenges:

  • The first is massive connections. Huawei estimates that by 2030, the global IoT scale will reach tens of billions. Supporting massive device access will become an important basic capability of IP networks.
  • Secondly, with the advent of the cloud era, more and more enterprises choose multi-cloud connections to achieve critical business backup and the use of different application services, which poses challenges to the real-time and flexibility of the network.
  • Finally, looking to the future, not only office business will go to the cloud, but the production business is also migrating to the cloud, which puts forward higher requirements for the certainty of network connection. For example, in industrial control, telemedicine, and other scenarios, the end-to-end delay jitter of the network is required to be controlled at the microsecond level.

Additionally, Huawei’s CTO said that the first step is to solve the problem of massive IP address demand by introducing IPv6 technology. The industry has basically reached a consensus in this regard, but this step is not enough.

Also, it is necessary to further optimize the connection quality with the help of IPv6 + innovative technologies such as enhanced determinism, programmability, and operability to fundamentally match the digital economy.

(Via: Huawei)

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