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Genshin Impact game may start native HarmonyOS app development



Genshin Impact

Recently, the Genshin Impact developer MiHoYo Studio posted a recruitment announcement for HarmonyOS developer, indicating that the company could start the native development of this popular mobile game.

The recruitment detail reveals that the job role includes an adaptation of the HarmonyOS system at the engine layer as well as its user interface, input, file system, gles, and vulkan. It also includes the management of CPU & GPU side performance analysis and optimization, memory management and IO optimizations.

The requirement for this job role requires at least 3-5 years of engine development experience with at least one mainstream 3D engine such as Unreal, CryEngine, and Unity. The applicant also needs to have profound knowledge in using C++, python, or any other mainstream programming language.

Genshin Impact game native HarmonyOS

For now, MiHoYo studio has not announced the native HarmonyOS app development for the Genshin Impact game. However, there’s a huge possibility that the game maker may bring this title to the native HarmonyOS platform.

In August, Huawei announced a native HarmonyOS version called HarmonyOS NEXT. At the flagship launch event, the company confirmed that the next phase of the native HarmonyOS version is ready for unveiling.

Since then, HarmonyOS has been ruling over the Chinese software development industry. Even so, major software companies are now looking for HarmonyOS developers and forming partnerships with Huawei to develop new native applications for their app products.


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