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Generative ChatGPT like AI sticker feature coming to WhatsApp



Social media is continuously enhancing features with AI large language model technology, and WhatsApp is also using this tech to provide new generative AI sticker feature to improve the chat experience. This functionality is similar to the ChatGPT but for images.

Wabetainfo reports that WhatsApp beta has released version for Android beta testers. This new build contains a new AI sticker feature, which Meta has introduced for the first time in this chat app.

The access to this feature is simple, all you need to do is to open the sticker area. As a new feature, the app will recommend you try and generate your own AI stickers. With a tap on the “Create” button, you will have the screen to input a prompt.

For example, if you write “Cat laughing on a skateboard”, WhatsApp will generate a new sticker with your input description and show you on the screen. Then you can place it into the sticker section, following your preference of use case.

Generative AI Sticker WhatsApp

According to the information, this is a generative image LLM tech, which is developed by WhatsApp’s parent company Meta. Also, you can report any of the stickers, if you find them harmful.

Still, it’s a brand new way to increase interactions on the platform and allow users to make their own thoughts into a real sticker, which they can use to express.

Currently, the generative AI sticker feature is only available for the beta testers but it could release for all WhatsApp users with stable release.

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