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GAC Group, Voyah and other automakers launch HarmonyOS native app development



GAC HarmonyOS native app development

Today, Huawei hosted the Cloud Service Innovative Summit 2024 where several automobile partners including GAC Group and Voyah (Lantu) launched the HarmonyOS native app development for excellent features and enhanced user experience.

GAC Group is a strategic partner of Huawei and developed various smart electric SUVs together. Both firms work on medium and large-sized cars with tech-pack solutions and advanced capabilities to deliver a luxurious driving feel to consumers.

Also known as Guangzhou Automobile Group, GAC is a Chinese company that strives to become a world-class automotive enterprise. To add more benefits for its customers, GAC Group has initiated the HarmonyOS native app development.

On the other hand, Voyah (Lantu Automobile) has also joined the new HarmonyOS ecosystem and announced the HarmonyOS NEXT-based app development. The company has recently collaborated with Huawei to build new smart cars.

GAC HarmonyOS native app development

Lantu Automobile HarmonyOS native app (Source: Weibo)

Both Huawei and Lantu Automobile aim to manufacture new smart car models based on consumers’ preferences, high-end solutions, and impressive utilities. With the help of Huawei, Lantu can even implement useful solutions to its EVs.

The list further counts Leap Motors and Kaiyi (Cowin Auto) company in the HarmonyOS native app development batch. Huawei says that new joiners in the HarmonyOS Ecosystem will offer an enhanced software facility to users in the region.

Moreover, HarmonyOS NEXT-based apps will not only contribute to the automobile industry evolution but also provide personalization and helpful services for users including better travel options, smart driving features, and more.

Huawei is trying to cover every sector that relates to a user’s daily life and can deliver the utmost beneficial experience at their fingertips. We may find more effective changes regarding HarmonyOS NEXT by this fall.

GAC HarmonyOS native app development

HarmonyOS native app development (Source: Weibo)

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