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Fuzhou released a notice to increase Huawei HarmonyOS industry development



Fuzhou Huawei HarmonyOS

Fuzhou officials have released a notice regarding the development of the Huawei HarmonyOS industry in Fuzhou city. Alongside this, the notice also proposes some rewards that will eventually contribute to the encouragement among the operators.

According to the notice, Fuzhou will work on three major segments for hyping the evolution of the Huawei HarmonyOS department in the region. These three measures include – encouraging enterprises to carry out HarmonyOS adaptation, supporting innovative demonstration applications, and creating an environment for industrial development.

As mentioned, there are specific rewards that will donate equally in this development process. The report suggests a one-time reward of 60,000 yuan [8,554.07 USD] for each product that will qualify for the adaptation certification.

Products that will attain the Huawei HarmonyOS Zhilian certificate or the HarmonyOS ecological product compatibility certificate are also eligible for this reward. Additionally, to foster the enterprises to join the HarmonyOS Zhilian ecological solution, the Fuzhou cooperation will also provide subsidies as per the partner’s rating.

Fuzhou Huawei HarmonyOS

HarmonyOS Zhilian

Speaking of the HarmonyOS Zhilian, it’s a powerful hardware ecosystem, based on the HarmonyOS system. Huawei and a major manufacturer have jointly brought this ecosystem to the real surface. Consequently, it is an “all at one place’ service platform for several systems.

For instance, the AIoT industry, chain partners, chip designs, operating systems, cloud connection, AI, and other aspects. However, the main sector where this ecosystem mainly works is intelligent hardware products.

On the other hand, we also have the OpenHarmony ecosystem which provides a unified and integrated digital innovation platform. It’s a basic stage for the consumer market and industries. It also benefits personal consumption, medical care, finance, energy, industry, transportation, intelligent home services, and more.

Ultimately, the increment in the development of the HarmonyOS ecosystem will lead to more hike in the digital economy of the region. You can have a detailed review of the notice HERE.


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