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First Huawei smartwatch with blood pressure measurement feature will launch in the second half of this year



Huawei Watch Blood Pressure

He Gang, President of Handset Business, Huawei Consumer Business Group announced that the first Huawei smartwatch with Blood Pressure measurement capabilities and features has passed the medical device registration test.

The next step for Huawei is to conduct Clinical trials with professional institutes to get better insights into how accurate this smart wearable will going to work on users’ wrists.

The more exciting news is that He also revealed that this new smartwatch with blood pressure measuring capability will launch in the second half of this year.

He also shared an image that showcases a smartwatch that has two buttons and carries a reading of the blood pressure. However, there’s no information on what the actual watch would look like but the shown design is quite interesting.

The entire segment is a piece of amusing news for Huawei fans and worth looking forward to as there will be another health-related capability that will soon be added to the Huawei smartwatch club.

Three Health Studies:

Earlier this year, at the annual Huawei press conference, He Gang also revealed three new health studies including hypertension management, smart body temperature health, and coronary heart disease screening.

At the time, Huawei announced that these studies will help the company to improve its smart wearables section that will launch in 2021.

Blood Pressure:

Huawei is currently working on wearable blood pressure measurement devices and will begin research on hypertension management with well-known domestic institutions to explore innovative active health management of blood pressure from screening to early intervention.

Smart Body Heath Management:

Huawei is developing continuous body management technology based on smart wear and is conducting joint research on smart body temperature to achieve abnormal body temperature detection.

Coronary Heart Disease Screening:

Huawei is conducting joint research on intelligent screening and early warning of coronary heart disease with the help of Huawei’s ECG-capable smartwatches. These devices provide PPG and ACC data to achieve intelligent screening and early warning of coronary heart disease to help consumers actively manage their health.

(Source – Weibo)

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