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First EMUI 11 beta rolling out for Huawei MatePad 10.8 with new features



The first EMUI 11 beta rolling out for Huawei MatePad 10.8, the beta recruitment for this tablet began alongside Huawei Mate Xs last month.

EMUI 11 first beta for Huawei MatePad 10.8 coms with a number of new features such as new Multi-Window, Super Notepad, Subtle effect, AI Subtitles, and Transparent permission for better privacy and security.

Alongside this rollout, Huawei also started EMUI 11 public beta program for 10 devices including Huawei P40, Mate 30 and MatePad Pro series.

Adapted models for EMUI 11 Beta:


1. Huawei MatePad 10.8 inch WiFi version SCMR-W09
2. Huawei MatePad 10.8 inch full Netcom version SCMR-AL09


The EMUI 11 beta for the Huawei MatePad 10.8 comes with EMUI upgrading from EMUI

Note: This beta testing is currently opened for Chinese models and may soon expand for global users.

EMUI 11 First Beta ChangeLog:

Technology for people:



Multi-Window allows you to open apps in a floating window for multitasking. You can relocate the floating window to the desired location or minimize it to a floating bubble for easier access later.

Smoother animations:

The brand new, intuitive animations throughout EMUI 11 create a smoother, more unified, and visually pleasing user experience when touching items or sliding on the screen.

Subtle effects:


Whether you’re toggling switches on or off, subtle effects have been enhanced throughout the OS for greater visual satisfaction.

Seamless connections:

Super Notepad:

Notepad now supports editing notes simultaneously from multiple Huawei devices. For example, you can insert a photo from your phone to the note being edited on your tablet.

You can now quickly identify and extract text from images or documents, edit the text, and then export and share it. Creating a digital version of a paper document has never been easier.


AI Subtitles:

Browse articles or pictures in different languages and translate the words or paragraphs by selecting and adjusting the selection.

Privacy and security:

Transparent Permissions:

The app permission pop-up window display instruction for you to select and give or reject requested permissions.


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Huawei devices that should receive EMUI 12 [List]




huawei emui 12 should receive

In the past few months, Huawei has ramped up efforts and expanded the reach of the EMUI 12 software updates in the global market. This update comes with new features that enhance your user experience and makes your way towards the latest functionalities.

However, there are some Huawei phones that remained untouched by EMUI 12 and should receive this EMUI upgrade. These consumers have asked us why they aren’t receiving the new EMUI 12 software. However, Huawei has currently not confirmed additional devices outside of the EMUI 12 roadmap to get EMUI 12 software updates.

It’s also uncertain whether the Chinese tech maker will add new devices in the EMUI 12 eligible model campaign. Still, we cannot confirm or deny any possibility of this happening.

Below you can see the list of Huawei devices that should receive EMUI 12 onboard:

  1. Huawei Y9 2019
  2. Huawei P10 series
  3. Huawei Mate 9 series
  4. Huawei Nova 3
  5. Huawei Nova 3e

EMUI 12 comes with various new features including the new control panel, and notification panel, as well as a better user interface that takes you to the next level of the EMUI ecosystem. There is some core functionality of HarmonyOS such as smart device management that has been added to this software so that you can add and manage all of your smart devices such as a smartwatch, smart TV, tablet as well as FreeBuds directly from your smartphone.

Huawei has released EMUI 12 improved task handling performance and better power management to save battery. There is also an increased security feature that has been added to safeguard your data.

huawei emui 12 should receive


As of now, Huawei has installed the EMUI 12 software update on various Huawei devices including Huawei Mate 40 Pro, Mate 30 Pro, P40, P40 Pro, P40 Pro+, P30 series, Mate 20 series, and P40 Lite, Nova 7i, and other smartphones. However, more devices are still under beta testing to get the new features tested and will soon be running stable EMUI 12.

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Huawei EMUI May 2022 Updates List



Huawei EMUI May 2022 Updates List

Huawei has started unfolding new EMUI-based firmware updates with the onset of May 2022. Apart from the major updates, the company is also sending off the latest security patches to mend the internal defects. For this moment, the April 2022 security update is taking place on the surface.

In the long run of new software updates, the April 2022 security patch has been a standard solution for bugs and issues. It came up to the market with the capability of resolving 19 major defects as well as 9 middle-sized vulnerabilities of the devices.

Not only improvement and fixes but the security update served as an aid for the core mechanism of the handsets. It made the inner structure of the device more firm and reliable. Thus, users find a more responsive and coherent system after the update.

Huawei EMUI May 2022 Updates List

At present, it seems like the Chinese manufacturer has started initiating the May update. Though, the company has not released any security patch entitled “May 2022” up to this point. But, the recently appeared May optimizations patch hints that we might grab the fresh security patch soon.


As usual, Huawei EMUI users will obtain the new firmware updates either via OTA or by searching it manually on the device. To make it easier, we are here with this article that will showcase the report of daily new updates for EMUI gadgets.

Huawei EMUI May 2022 Updates:

May 19, 2022

  • Huawei P30 Pro smartphone is getting May 2022 security update that comes with new patches to fix system security issues and brings your P30 Pro a better user experience.

May 18, 2022

  • Huawei Nova 7i consumers are receiving an April 2022 security update with EMUI version and an update package size of 255 megabytes.
  • Huawei Mate 40 Pro became the first Huawei smartphone to get May 2022 security update running EMUI 12 software system. This update is currently in the initial stage of rollout.
  • Huawei Nova 7 5G smartphone users are getting a new software update with April 2022 EMUI security patch and consumers can get this update with firmware version and a package size of 233 megabytes.
  • Huawei Nova 9 consumers can download February 2022 update in the global market.

May 17, 2022

  • Huawei P30 Pro is receiving the EMUI 12 Ringtone patch in more markets, this update is rolling out in batches that come with fixes for the calling ringtone issue.
  • April 2022 update is rolling out for the Huawei Y7a smartphone with EMUI 10.1 version in the global market.
  • Huawei P30 Lite users globally getting a new software update that installs April 2022 EMUI security patch for improved system security.

May 12, 2022

  • Huawei Nova 8i smartphone has begun collecting the April 2022 security update running on EMUI 11 software version. Read more

May 12, 2022

  • Huawei Nova 7 5G smartphone owners began collecting the April 2022 software update in the global market. Read more

May 10, 2022

  • The March 2022 update for the Huawei Nova 7i smartphone running on EMUI 12 boosted system security by fixing vulnerabilities found in the latest software system. Read more

May 09, 2022

  • Huawei has just released an April 2022 software update for the flagship Huawei P50 Pro smartphone running EMUI 12 version. Read more
  • Huawei Mate Xs foldable smartphone running on EMUI 12 has begun collecting the April 2022 firmware update in the global market. Read more
  • Honor Play 4T has started receiving the April 2022 security patch, which mainly boosted the system security and stability of the smartphone. Read more
  • Huawei is sending the April 2022 update for Honor Play 3 smartphone, which mainly installs the security improvements. Read more

May 06, 2022

  • Huawei Mate 30 Pro April 2022 update is expanding with EMUI 12 version number and weighs around 300MB. Read more

May 04, 2022

  • Huawei Mate 30 Pro has started receiving a new firmware update that brings April 2022 security patch that enhances system security. Read more

May 03, 2022

  • Huawei is now expanding the reach of its firmware update to Huawei Mate 20 X models, which includes the patch for the Ringtone issue. Read more

May 02, 2022

  • The flip-style smartphone Huawei P50 Pocket is grabbing the latest March 2022 security update on the board of the EMUI 12 system.
  • Huawei is expanding the EMUI 12 update for Huawei P30 Pro users in Mexico. The update appears with a bunch of new additions and improvements.
  • Huawei P40 Pro obtains EMUI 12 May 2022 system optimizations patch. As the name reveals, the patch fixes the minor bugs and issues of the device.
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Huawei P30 Pro (EMUI 12) getting May 2022 update




huawei p30 pro may 2022 update

Wow! Huawei is sending a May 2022 security update for the Huawei P30 Pro smartphone in the global market. The phone users now run EMUI 12 software that has been recently installed on the devices.

The Huawei P30 Pro May 2022 update improves system security and optimizes your phone’s user experience. Therefore, it’s recommended for you install this software update as soon as it appears on your device.

It’s quite good to see that Huawei is sending the latest security patch for such an important flagship. So, we could expect more optimizations coming toward Huawei P30 Pro in the future.

The latest Huawei P30 Pro in the global market comes with EMUI 12 version – and 225 megabytes of package size. The software update could be downloaded via the Settings menu and on the other way, you can download it through the My Huawei app.


Thanks to the tipster – Bonta for this amazing tip

huawei p30 pro may 2022 update

Installed EMUI 12?

If you haven’t already, we suggest you install EMUI 12 on your Huawei P30 and P30 Pro smartphone. Since, there is a various new functionality that will increase your user experience featuring the new control panel, brand new animations, and better performance as compared to EMUI 11.

Ringtone patch:

To recall, Huawei has previously released a new software patch for Huawei P30 devices that contains fixes for issues where the ringtone settings for incoming calls would not take effect in certain scenarios.


In the Chinese market, Huawei has updated P30 devices with the latest HarmonyOS security patch.


Huawei P30 Pro:

Huawei P30 Pro equips a 6.47-inch display with an OLED panel and FHD+ resolution (2340 x 1080 pixels) resolution. The phone is water, splash, and dust resistant to safeguard your device in different conditions.

The P30 Pro is powered by Kirin 980 processor with octa-core architecture – 2 x Cortex-A76 Based 2.6GHz+ 2
x Cortex-A76 Based 1.92GHz + 4 x Cortex-A55 1.8GHz as well as dual NPUs for fastest AI processing.

Don’t forget that the Huawei P30 Pro boasts a Leica quad-camera including 40 MP (Wide Angle Lens, f/1.6 aperture, OIS) + 20 MP (Ultra Wide Angle Lens, f/2.2 aperture) + 8 MP (Telephoto, f/3.4 aperture, OIS) and Time-of-Flight(TOF) Camera. There’s a 32MP camera on the front to take high-quality selfies in various scenarios.

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