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Facing battery issues after EMUI 12 update?



batery issues emui 12

Huawei rolls out a new software update to upgrade the existing software user experience. Adding to this, Huawei is sending EMUI 12 major software updates for the global smartphone owners, the update adds new functionalities to the corresponding devices.

However, battery performance issues could become a concern for the smartphone consumer after upgrading to the EMUI 12 software. This often happens to the devices, as the new EMUI 12 features could take a bit more of the battery levels as compared to existing ones that were installed on EMUI 11 of below.

batery issues emui 12

Although, the software is optimized to provide you with better performance as compared to the previous version but you might also notice some changes in a drop in the smartphone’s battery life. However, we also suggest that these changes could be temporary and the system will optimize the battery for day-to-day use cases once it fully adopts the software.

So, if you are facing any battery issues after upgrading to the latest EMUI 12, be patient and let the software makes feel at home on your Huawei device. On the other hand, if your device is showing severe signs of battery drainage, then you are recommended to go back to the previous EMUI version. You can take the help of the HiSuite desktop or mac app to run back to old EMUI software.

Adding to this, EMUI 12 has various new features that enhance your overall device handling and bring you a new user interface similar to the HarmonyOS operating system. Therefore, you should give it a try if you haven’t already.

So, are you facing any battery issues after upgrading to EMUI 12, participate in the poll linked below.

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