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How to activate Dark Mode on any Huawei and Honor phone with EMUI 5.X, 8.X, 9.X



EMUI 10 brings a lot of new features including the Magazine Style UI, Morandi Color system, Golden icon design, new privacy features, and the new Dark Mode.

While enabled, the Dark Mode applies a bold contrast between the text and the foreground and adds a dark background for optimal readability. This also helps to prevent eye fatigue.

However, not all Huawei and Honor phones are eligible to receive the EMUI 10 and the users who didn’t receive this major upgrade, asked for at least to receive the Dark mode. We don’t know Huawei is listening to them or not but we’re for sure.

That’s why we brought this tutorial that will help users on EMUI 5.X, 8.X, and 9.X platforms to activate dark mode on any Huawei or Honor phone without upgrading to EMUI 10.


  1. Peafowl Theme Maker app
  2. Internet

Peafowl Thememaker?

Peafowl Thememaker is one of the best customization app available to customize the EMUI system. The app comes loaded with a bunch of customization options for Icon, System Color, Wallpapers, Addons, and other UI elements.

This apps allows users to enable UI customizations at the highest level and also supports the latest EMUI 10.

Summary of this Tutorial:

  1. Install the Peafowl App
  2. Create and customize a Dark theme
  3. Apply Theme

How to enable Dark Mode on EMUI 5, 8, 9:

1 Download the Peafowl Theme Maker:


2 Create the Dark Theme:

  1. Start the App > Setting (Bottom bar) > tap ‘FORCE UPDATE ASSETS‘.
  2. Select ‘Icon‘ tab (Bottom Bar)
  3. Select ‘Icon Pack
  4. Drag the slider to change the shape of the icon.
  5. Optional: Select ‘Colors‘ > ‘Pick‘ (Top) > Edit color schemes
  6. Click Done to create the theme.

Apply Theme

  1. After creating a Theme you click on the “Apply it” pop message or Go to Thems App > select ‘Me‘ > tap Themes
  2. Select the Peafowl Theme.
  3. Apply it.
  4. Done.

Check the examples below:

EMUI 9.1

EMUI 9.1 (White Theme)

EMUI 9.1 Black Theme

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