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EMUI 14 to bring a new status bar



Huawei is expanding EMUI 13 among its smartphone users but the tech giant is also working on a new project – EMUI 14 with a new status bar.

Amid the ongoing rollout, EMUI 14 will be the next major upgrade for global users. There is some uncertainty over the rollout or testing time but Huawei is continuously working on the development and the delay in EMUI 13 may not be repeated this year.

Coming to development, Huawei wants to bring a reinvented status bar. However, the new change will first appear in HarmonyOS 4.0 operating system.

What to expect?

The new UI will be cleaner and more visible than the EMUI 13. Huawei is working to provide a better viewing experience of everything that is going on in the tray above.

The key areas for new changes are – Typography, Icons, and Space between UI elements. Also, an image will help you to get a grip on what we’re talking about.

EMUI 14 status bar


The characters such as network type “4G” or “5G” now appear with slightly increased size and added some weight as compared to EMUI 13.1. The clock time numbers (ex. “12:00”) will also add weight to stand out from the background.


Icons will also get better visualizations, for example, the icon in a light theme will appear slightly darker than the current ones in EMUI 13.1. Icon size for apps is also increased, it seems like all of the system icons will become equal in the status bar.

Furthermore, the battery Icon will see a change in its height and it might appear more like iOS.


EMUI 14 has a clean status bar thanks to the new layout. Huawei will reorganize the icons based on their use case and group.


Overall, these changes will complement the user experience. However, the new EMUI 14 status bar is still under development and there’s no confirmation whether it will put in production. Since it reflects a better user experience, there’s a big chance that we may meet it in the upcoming EMUI version.

Currently, Huawei has not revealed the EMUI 14 launch date but we’ll keep you posted.

Amy is our firmware and software specialist, she keeps her eagle eyes open for new software rollouts, beta programs, and other software related activities as well as new smartphone launch.