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Check the first major HarmonyOS 4.0 UI change



HarmonyOS 4.0

HarmonyOS 4.0 is under testing for developers and Huawei wants to make some major UI overhauls to the HarmonyOS, in that case, one specific change has now caught our eye.

The latest details are coming from the corner of Huawei Mobile Business CTO, Bruce Lee. Yesterday, he shared a screenshot of the user interface of a mobile app and it shows a drastic difference in the status bar layout.

HarmonyOS 4.0 major ui change

There is a clear gap between this new layout and HarmonyOS 3.1, which is the latest HarmonyOS version. Specifically, the new structure follows a three-stage layout including:

  • Time and app notifications
  • Alarm clock and NFC
  • Network and power

In terms of placement, the clock is placed on the very left alongside app notification icons. The NFC and alarm clock icons are in the middle. The rest of the icons for wearables, sound mode, internet speed, SIM card battery, and charging are on the right.

Compared to this, HarmonyOS 3.1 and its predecessors only follow two side layouts. The operator name, clock, Bluetooth, alarm, and NFC are on the left and the rest of the icons are on the right.

HarmonyOS 4.0 major ui change

Other details:

Some tiny bit of details shows that the clock text on the left and the icons on the right are clear in HarmonyOS 4.0. Although, the Huawei official didn’t confirm the operating system version but the new additions are quite obvious and it’s reflected in the UI of the HarmonyOS.

Strict Rules:

Compared to other developer programs, Huawei wants to keep the new changes private. Therefore, Huawei has signed a nondisclosure agreement (digital) with all of the people participating in the developer beta program.

However, there are some people ready to expel some things without revealing too much of the info about the UI. This is why we have not included images of the latest improvements in the previous article.

Yet, this new major change in the status bar UI is something that would make a positive impact on the HarmonyOS 4.0 user experience. Check our HarmonyOS 4.0 section for more details about the latest rollouts.


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