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EMUI 13 will bring you app snippets feature



App snippets emui 13

Huawei is bringing the service widgets to EMUI 13 and with that, the phone maker will also deliver another useful feature – App Snippets at your service.

First introduced with HarmonyOS 2, Huawei’s App Snippet is amazing and it makes it so easy for you to navigate through an app’s key features.

App snippets work with gestures, you need to swipe upward on an app icon. Then, the app will respond with a popup window and several options.

Each app will bring a set of options related. For example, the camera app will reveal features: photo, video, portrait, and selfie.

Once you select any of these options, you can directly option that specific camera mode, without requiring to open the camera app first. Similarly, other apps will showcase their specific functionalities.

Add Widget:

Initially, Huawei used the app snippets feature to add home screen widgets. Once you open app snippets, tap on the pin icon (on the top right corner) to add it as service widgets.

This is a simple way to give the user control of managing widgets on the home screen and it’s quite handy in action.

This app snippets feature comes at default and with EMUI 13, which will improve your user experience.

EMUI 12:

Last year, Huawei introduced EMUI 12 for various devices and the company has already seeded that in various models. Adding this feature to EMUI 13 will get you better app interactions.

App Snippets is a feature that is incomparable to Android or iOS devices because it’s a remarkable innovation made possible by Huawei. As we hope that the introduction happens as the users await.

Meanwhile, Huawei has not announced an official launch date for this new EMUI version but we may see the software in public later this year.

We’ll keep you posted.

Huawei HarmonyOS 2 Feature: App Snippets

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