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Download new Opera One AI browser



download opera one browser

Today, Opera officially announced its new AI-powered browser – Open One, which you can download and get hands-on. Open One is the first browser that comes with an integrated browser AI named Aria. According to Opera, Aria can be reached via a new command line, as well as from the browser sidebar. It offers free access to ChatGPT-based AI-generated information.

“As people who obsess over browser innovation, we saw fit to rethink the role of the browser in light of the recent developments in the AI space. As opposed to other browser companies, Opera didn’t simply add AI services to its browser. We went back to the drawing board and redesigned our flagship browser. Opera One is built around Aria, our native browser AI, and is the culmination of our work so far,” said Joanna Czajka, product director at Opera.

Opera said that Aria AI is a key component of Opera One and the first Opera feature that named itself and relies on OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This AI integration will help you to look for information on the web, generate text or code, or get product queries answered.

download opera one browser

The browser now has a new command line that allows them to use the ctrl+/ (Win) or the cmd+/ keyboard shortcut to display an overlay and interact with Aria. The command line is there to ask Aria a question and either interact with the browser AI’s response immediately in the sidebar or go back to browsing.

New Tab Island could be intuitive for the users and can keep different browsing contexts separate. You can move tabs around, collapse islands to make them small, and come back to them later or save them into bookmarks or pinboards.


You can download Opera One Browser from the official website (here).

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