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Huawei Petal Clip

Petal Clip allows you to edit and create videos, the app provides a wide range of video editing features, and special effects, stickers, sound effects, fonts, and other materials for video creation. The app comprises different parts that include – Edit, Template, and Tutorials. You can use these to mix up and make a new video of your wanting.

Petal Clip

  • Huawei has released Petal Clip version for the consumer, this update has new optimizations as well as improvements for the existing features. We suggest the users of Petal Clip download the latest app update to get these features and optimizations on board.

Huawei Petal Clip

Download Petal Clip:

If you want to install this app, we recommend you disable the AppGuard feature on HarmonyOS devices and enable the installation from unknown sources on EMUI-powered devices.

Petal Clip Hands-on:

Petal Clip Screenshot:

Huawei Petal Clip

The Petal Clip Comprises of three Menus:

  1. Edit
  2. Template
  3. Tutorial

All of these three tabs reside on the bottom side. However, there are a lot of options available, once you start to create your own clip with the Petal Clip app.

If you want to learn more about this app, check out the article linked below.

Petal Clip: Huawei’s video editing app with lots of new features

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