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Download Huawei Health wearBeta [July 2022]



Huawei Health update

Huawei smartphones come with built-in Health tracking features, one that lets you monitor your health-related activities. Recently a new app update has started rolling out to Huawei phones with a slew of undetailed bug fixes and you can download it right away.

Chinese tech giant regularly adds new features to its apps, meanwhile, the recent update aims to enhance usability and app functionality. Notably, the Huawei Health wearBeta update includes basic improvements for seamless work.

However, the latest update doesn’t bring any new features. Instead, it’s only bringing bugs fixed. And since Huawei isn’t going into any detail, one can only hope that any hassle issues may be fixed after downloading it.

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Huawei health wear beta update

We recommend you stay up to date and boost up by downloading and installing the latest update for the Huawei Health wearBeta app by visiting the AppGallery >> Manage key >> Update option. Also, get it directly from the third-party link:

Huawei Health:

The Huawei Health let allows you to manage your health and easily manage wearables such as smartwatches and wristbands. It also helps to lead professional health activities. In addition, it gives organize basic health information that prevents you from going to the hospital.

It can access readings of heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, sleep quality, steps, and more. With clear and accurate data in simple, dynamic graphs so you can get information easily and quickly at any time. The app also helps you to change and download new watch faces directly from the app.

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