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Download Call Recorder app for EMUI 12 and EMUI 13



Call Recorder

EMUI comes with a lot of features for calling but its call recorder capability is not available for all Huawei smartphones but we have a solution for users who want to record calls on EMUI 12 and EMUI 13 devices.

You can now grab a separate call recorder app for your Huawei smartphone and it’ll install a native feature just like any other out-of-the-box unit.

The instructions are simple, and we’ve described them below.

Download the call recorder app from here (link for EMUI 12, link for EMUI 13).

Next, locate the APK file in the downloads and open it for installation.

You might need to disable the app guard because it might block the installation on EMUI 13 but we’ve not found such an issue.

Once installed, you can check the option in the dialer settings. Open up the phone app, tap on the four dots in the top right corner > Settings, and check “Auto-record calls”. You can enable/disable auto-call recording. Furthermore, there’s an option to record all calls or specific numbers.

That’s not it, the record button is now added to your call screen. It allows you to start or stop call recording accordingly. We’ve verified that the app is 100% secure because it’s ripped from Huawei’s official EMUI firmware for other markets.

download call recorder emui 12 13


You can remove the call record feature at any time from the Huawei phone via the phone’s settings. Open up “Apps”, then “Apps” and search for “Call Recorder”. Tap on UNINSTALL to remove the feature.

The call recording feature is amazing for keeping track of your calling history. However, not all of the country’s laws are friendly with this call managing feature. Therefore, most of the markets in Europe have forced phone makers to drop the call recording feature from their retail units. Yet, most of the phones sold in Asia region still come with a call recorder option.

Some of the users lost access to call recording after upgrading to the latest EMUI version. But Huawei now has a call recorder app for EMUI 12 and EMUI 13 devices, happy recording.


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