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Dominican Republic won’t exclude Huawei from 5G network auction: Report



As we know, Huawei is facing a lot of difficulties because of false allegations related to national security from governments including the US, the UK, as well as other European regions.

According to the latest news, the government of the Dominican Republic has recently made clear that the specifications of the international tender for the implementation of 5G networks in the country, will not exclude Chinese manufacturer Huawei through the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (INDOTEL).

Regard this matter, the President of the Republic, Kuis Abinader says, the deployment of the 5G network aims to boost opportunities for the Dominican people through connectivity, guaranteed access to a more modern and inclusive health system, as well as streamlined public spending.

“We are looking for a more competitive, dynamic, more connected Dominican Republic,” President

Kuis added the implementation of the 5G network will be a great step in the history of the country’s telecommunications development, which will translate into a profound digital transformation. The winning company must implement a 5G-infrastructure deployment with national coverage at the end of five years.

Huawei has denied the past accusations and frequently stated that its solutions provide the necessary guarantees to respect the national sovereignty and data protection of the Dominican Republic.

Moreover, as per the Dominican Republic government planning the selection process is scheduled for September 2021 and the 5G network will be deployed in November 2021.


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