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Digital Yuan Wallet to launch HarmonyOS NEXT program to enhance user security



Digital Yuan Wallet HarmonyOS NEXT

Huawei has launched HarmonyOS NEXT with impressive capabilities and Chinese firms have started stepping towards it. In the latest development, the Digital Yuan Wallet is set to join the HarmonyOS NEXT program to enhance its services.

The Digital Yuan Wallet application is a dedicated finance platform for Chinese consumers that manages RMB (renminbi). It was announced by the Central Bank of China and served as the first digital currency in the region.

Eventually, the Digital Yuan Wallet application is similar to other online payment services like AliPay. It smoothly integrates with the pre-existing payment systems and makes your transactions secure and efficient. It uses NFC technology to enable users to pay by tapping their handsets.

As of now, the Digital Yuan Wallet app is going to be more useful with the HarmonyOS NEXT integration. The information reveals that the wallet application will effectively adapt to the new OS and security components to offer improved safety to users’ data and money.

On the flip side, it will work on embedding digital Chinese currency (RMB) into the fundamental components such as chips, modules, phones, and IoT devices to expand the app’s reach among users.

This activity will also help in decreasing the price of imposing the Digital Yuan Wallet on multiple devices. Everything combined, the transaction process will become easier and more pleasant for the general public.

Digital Yuan Wallet HarmonyOS NEXT

HarmonyOS NEXT – not an Android Skin!

HarmonyOS NEXT has officially cut ties with the Android project. It possesses components like the Harmony kernel, the Pangu AI model, and other key elements to form a reliable operating system. Besides, it is far more capable than those running on traditional Linux.

Huawei expects to complete around 5000 HarmonyOS native app development by the end of this year. And this will only become possible when more and more partners will join the HarmonyOS NEXT ecosystem.


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