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Despite no 5G phones in last two years, Huawei still has high shares in market



Huawei 5G phones market

Huawei has not launched 5G phones in the last two years. But that doesn’t affect the company’s name and fame in any manner. In the latest edition, Huawei is standing among the top five rankers in the 5G phones market.

Recently, the Daily Interactive group published the 5G phones report Q3 2022. Accordingly, Apple has scored the highest in the 5G phones market with a 19.4% share, while Huawei is sharing the winning stage with 14.8%.

It’s worth mentioning that the Chinese tech maker has halted the 5G implementation for its dynamic handsets due to strict restrictions. Even the latest Mate 50 series exhibits 4G facilities.

Though the company has availed 5G services in the form of an external 5G case. Undoubtedly, these cases provide a boost to the devices and offer an efficient and uninterruptible networking experience.

Yet, the company has not initiated the 5G models in its family till now. Despite no 5G phones, Huawei still managed to have high shares in the 5G phones market, which is no less than a surprise.

Apart from Huawei in the fourth position, Vivo 5G handsets attained the second rank with an 18.6% market share, and OPPO 5G phones caught the third place with a 15.0 percent market share. Meanwhile, Honor and Xiaomi are sharing fifth and sixth positions respectively.

Huawei P40 Pro – first in the 5G phone market!

Another big hit is the extreme popularity of the P40 series on the smartphone platform. Consequently, Huawei P40 Pro has gained the first position in the Chinese 5G phone market.

Further, the input reveals that the P40 series is highly used by the 45+ age group users. The respective phone comes under the top 5 popular models and is seamlessly in demand among consumers even being a two-year-old gadget.

Ultimately, this indicates that Huawei’s innovative designs and advanced characteristics on its phones are sufficiently grabbing users’ attention. However, we are still anticipating the return of Huawei 5G smartphones in the market.

Huawei 5G phones market


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