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Despite excellent solutions, why Huawei lacks independent automobile business



Huawei automobile business

Huawei and its solutions are gradually speeding up in every sector. The company has expanded its fame from the 5G network to other digital aspects of the world. However, we are still unaware that what has kept Huawei away from the automobile business.

So far, the Chinese manufacturer has provided some of the best car solutions to several auto industries. Some of the popular smart vehicles that are running on the HarmonyOS car systems are AITO, Avita, SAIC, Geely, and many more.

Besides, the company has served some of the unique and ultimate car-oriented techs to date. A good example is the Huawei Car Smart Screen Pro 3K wide dual camera. The tech maker has released the respective technology in collaboration with Zhixuan Dingdipai.

Despite various excellent solutions, Huawei lacks an independent automobile business. Besides being a fact, this has been a big question that needs an answer.

Why Huawei didn’t build cars?

Last year, Huawei’s Rotating Chairman – Xu Zhijun explained why the company hadn’t put its hands in the automobile business. Further, he said that the company took this decision after discussing the matter for years.

Earlier, the Chinese manufacturer invested a huge amount in the automobile business. Not only in terms of capital, but the company indulged 7000 direct workers and 10,000 indirect workers for its smart car sector. Yet, after several efforts and attempts, the automobile business proved a loss for the tech giant.

On the other hand, Huawei realized that its technology in car-making is becoming seamlessly common as well as dull in the market. Hence, the company decided to halt its smart car manufacturing once and for all.

Huawei automobile business

Huawei won’t build cars but will help others

This year, Huawei made it clear that it won’t build cars, rather it will help others to do it. At the 17th Super Car conference, Huawei’s smart car solution BU COO – Wang Jun said that Huawei will not go backward. Perhaps, it will help the companies to build good cars.

This shows that taking up the automobile business isn’t Huawei’s cup of tea. However, the Chinese manufacturer has coordinated with several automobile businesses in recent times and introduced some of the best HarmonyOS car solutions.

The company’s car solution trick has turned out to be a success. As a result, HarmonyOS smart cockpit works as a brain for the car system and is highly in demand in the market.

AITO Smart Cars – a huge success

AITO M7 and AITO M5 are mainly built by the Seres car manufacturer. Yet, it uses the Huawei brand as the biggest selling point perspective. Another interesting fact is Seres is the first cooperation to adopt Huawei’s in-car operating system.

In this way, the company has provided both – solutions and its name to several automobile industries. Recently, Huawei and Seres jointly released the Huawei AITO M5 EV pure electric vehicle with HarmonyOS 3.0 smart cockpit.

Undoubtedly, Huawei will continue to bring more advanced and reflective solutions to car makers. However, the company didn’t have any plans for its independent automobile business at present.

Huawei automobile business

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