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Deschmann smart door lock opens public test in Huawei Mall



Huawei Mall Smart Door Lock

The Deschmann smart door lock Pro high-end variant in the black color is open for public test in Huawei Mall. It offers various unlocking methods to let us enjoy ease even after forgetting the keys including physical keys or virtual keys.

Nowadays the smart door locks has come far ahead instead of only providing multiple unlocking methods. Furthermore, smart locks from Huawei’s Smart Selection even take charge as controllers to command other IoT devices such as lights, fans, air conditioners, and so on.

It’s more than enough to attract users of buying smart locks. In addition, Huawei Mall is also giving users public test discounts, free gifts, and other benefits on buying this smart door lock. So, the interested users can take a look.

Huawei Mall: Deschmann Smart Door Lock:

The Deichmann Smart Door Lock is officially rated as 1799 Yuan meanwhile its public test prices in only 1599 Yuan on Huawei Mall. Moving ahead the Pro model is officially priced at 2999 Yuan while the test price is only 2799 Yuan.

In addition, the buyers will be getting original lithium batteries worth 199 Yuan as a free gift. On top of this, they can also take part in a lucky draw activity and win various gifts including Huawei Smart Screen SE 65 Connected Phone Edition worth 3699 yuan, Huawei Band 6, Puffin Smart Camera S, and more.

Smart Door Lock Features:

Starting with the unlocking methods- the door lock supports smartphone unlocking, password unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, temporary password, double verification, and unlocking with a mechanical key.

Most interestingly, it features an automatic switch lock. It means, after unlocking, the motor drives the lock cylinder to rotate, and the bolt retracts automatically. Moreover, the door opens instantly even without pressing down the handle.

Adding to this, users can also set a 10-99s timing lock function that allows automatic closing of the door whenever you go out. Besides, it has smart feature support including Huawei Hilink and Smart Life App that allows remote control and various reminders.

In terms of security, it comes with e infrared body sensor, a smart camera and other security systems. If you are going out or coming back home you can easily maintain the below-mentioned works. There is no need to worry about them and disturb your rest. Users will be able to

  • Close/open the door
  • Turn on/off the lights
  • Pull in/out the curtains
  • Turn on/off the air purifier
  • Adjust the brightness

(Via- CNMO)

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